Jessica Schoen (Director, Writer, Executive Producer)

Jessica is a recent graduate of Emerson College where she majored in film production with a concentration in directing.  Her dream has always been to direct a musical and she is extremely thankful to her amazing cast, crew, and parents for making this possible.  And yes, Jessica wishes her actual prom was as musical as Prom Date.

Brock Ginther (Music and Lyrics)

Brock was an Experimental Media major at Emerson College (2010).  Recently he released his new album and plays the occasional show in Boston with his band, Royal Blood.  Brock’s own prom was exactly like Prom Date, down to the choreographed dance numbers.

Greg Hanson (Producer)

Greg is also a recent graduate of Emerson College.  He started Greth Productions in 2009 and past film credits include Meat Me in Plainville, Thy Kill Be Done and Monster of Mad Mooney’s Lake.  Greg dabbles in producing, directing, writing, and even make-up artistry.

Rachel Fox (Director of Photography)

Rachel  is a senior film production major at Emerson College, interested primarily in cinematography. She is currently working on a documentary about a 16 year old dairy farmer with Keiko Makishima (Prom Date‘s 1st AD).  Although she was ditched the night of her senior prom, working on Prom Date was one of the greatest experiences she’s had at college.

Ali Rubinfeld (Production Designer)

Ali Rubinfeld is a senior at Emerson College hailing from Sparta, New Jersey. She is a film production major, concentrating on production design as her ultimate goal. On her prom night, she wound up pushing a car in her prom dress and heels after it ran out of gas.

Lauren Cunningham (Art Director)

Lauren was a member of the graduating class of 2010 from Emerson College, but she hopes to never stop learning from those  around her. Although she majored in cinematography, she also loves to dabble in other departments including art team, editing, and boosting set moral.  Lauren enjoys making delicious baked goods and is one of the founding members of Slanty Shanty Productions.

Laura Gonzalez (Editor)

Laura Gonzalez is from Chicago, IL and graduated from Emerson College in Boston. She hopes to one day be an offline editor and currently works in Los Angeles.  Her prom was not as fun as those in the Prom Date movie, so when Jessica asked her to edit, she jumped at the offer live vicariously through the characters on screen. But really in all seriousness, musicals are awesome.