Evan  (Steven Robertson)

Evan is a hopeless romantic that is missing a beat.  If the movies have taught him anything, it is that everyone has a soul mate and he is just lucky enough to have found his at such a young age.  Deanna is his dream girl.  She’s smart, flirty, and funny.  When Evan is not thinking about Deanna, he is trying to get by in high school.  His two best friends, Maggie and Zach help him out.  Maggie and Zach make sure to keep Evan grounded in reality, especially when one of his Deanna fantasies gets the better of him.

Maggie (Yurie Collins)

Maggie, Evan, and Zach have been her best friends forever and things were always fun.  That is, until 10th grade when she realized that she had the biggest crush on Evan.  But how could she say anything?  After all, Evan is her best friend.  When not agonizing over her predicament, Maggie can be found painting the sets for school plays backstage.

Zach (Joe Kidawski)

Zach is a fun-loving nerd who has an affinity for World of Warcraft.  When he is not obsessively starring at his computer he is outside skateboarding at the elementary school by his house.  He’s made some very close 10-year-old friends there.  School is not really Zach’s thing, but that’s just because he doesn’t try very hard (at least that’s what his mom tells herself).

Deanna (Turi Daoust)

Deanna is a senior who’s very involved in High School theatre, Big Brothers Big Sisters and French Honors Society. She’s sweet and pretty and because of this, she is well-liked by almost all of her classmates.  She’s friendly but not overly outgoing, despite the fact that she’s the lead in the school’s musical. She likes to go window shopping with her girlfriends and works as a camp counselor during summers. She plans on attending her state university in the fall and majoring in communications.

Mikey (Dustin Teuber)

Mikey is the schools golden choirboy.  He has won multiple awards for his beautiful voice, something that his whole family takes pride in.  In an attempt to beef up his college resume, Mikey recently tried out for the school play, and to no one’s surprise, he got the lead male role, conveniently opposite Deanna, the cute girl from his physics class.

Ashley  (Maya Morales)

Ashley is a peppy young cheerleader – so it’s no wonder she caught the eye of Jason, the most popular jock at school. Dating him has skyrocketed her to uber- popularity, and Ashley is the only sophomore girl going to prom with a senior guy as her date. She has dreamt of prom for years, and knows that, with the perfect dress and the perfect date, this year’s special night will be everything she has hoped for.

Jason (Geoff Haskell)

Jason is the star of his basketball team.  He just got into Cornell on a football scholarship, but had to choose between that and the lacrosse scholarship that Duke gave him.  The only way to top off an already perfect senior year is to get Ashley to come to the prom with him.  She is his favorite girlfriend yet and she deserves a fun time, you know?

Nicole (Reesa Guerra)

Nicole is the youngest of six brothers and sisters and is use to being outgoing in order to get what she wants.  She is not afraid to stand out in a crowd.  She is a social butterfly and knows how to be friends with everyone.

Jimmy (Brock Ginther)

Jimmy has a core group of friends who he spends every weekend with.   Recently, Nicole has been joining this group and he couldn’t help but notice how easy going and fun she is to hang out with.  But he could never ask her to go to prom with him.  Too scary.